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Irvine Public Schools Foundation Esports Zone

Spring '19

The IPSF STEAMFEST Esports Zone was developed to promote awareness of academic esports, in Irvine, by bringing in different age groups, and local school esports organizations, to participate in, and host esports tournaments. The event was sponsored by Microsoft and Kingston HyperX. I volunteered to be the director of this zone, along with Woodbridge and Portola HS students, to offer an authentic esports experience to our competitors and attendees.


We had two tournaments running, along with a free play zone being hosted by Microsoft. The non-featured, although very popular, tournament was the Woodbury Elementary Rocket League Tournament ( Picture ). And, the main event was a 2v2 Super Smash Brothers Tournament for local High Schools.


This was a great experience because I had the opportunity to learn what it takes to direct an academic esports tournament and ensure all stakeholders were happy with the progress.


We had many different parts of the ecosystem being student-led at the STEAMFEST Esports Zone. Portola HS's Rocket League team ran the tournament, along with coaching Woodbury Elementary Rocket League participants. As seen in this photo on the left, we had students also commentating the matches for the audience watching and cheering on the competitors.


It was a great experience. And, I am happy to have contributed to raising awareness about this awesome activity in the Irvine community.