How to Spell Esports

Clarifying the confusion between Esports, eSports, esports, E-Sports

Esports is a noun and is spelled as any other noun. " Esports " or " esports " when appropriate.

In the past, many top esports organizations have spelled esports many different ways, with the first iteration of esports being "eSports". However, we can look to the major esports organizations such as Riot Games, Team Liquid, and many more, who are following industry trends, and have all come to agree that esports is to be spelled as any other noun.

Why does it matter that we spell esports properly?

Not keeping up to date with trends, and, more specifically, spelling esports properly, is a sign of being out of touch with the community. And, being community focused is the most important ingredient to success in esports... Especially, academic esports.

Many successful people in the esports industry currently use this as their first method to determine the knowledge someone has on this community.