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BeachCon '17
IT, Tournament Organizing, & Commentating

BeachCon IT & Commentating: Welcome

BeachCon is the yearly event hosted by the organized gaming communities of CSU Long Beach. BeachCon aims to provide opportunities to local community members to involve themselves in gaming activities and professional experience.

BeachCon IT & Commentating: Text

My first year attending BeachCon was in 2015, where I simply attended, but then spontaneously joined the Super Smash commentator because he seemed to be struggling without a co-caster to ping off of. So I offered to try it out because I was beginning to recognize the importance of getting myself uncomfortable and failing forward. I was horrible, but it definitely added to the experience. In 2017, I was way more involved in the club and ended up volunteering to work in the IT and Commentating teams for the event. [ Picture: This was taken during the final stages of preparing the networking the day before the event! ]

BeachCon IT & Commentating: Projects

I learned so much about how to configure and setup up wiring for major events. I found myself to be most useful in just communicating and leading initiatives alongside more informed individuals. Soon, people were coming to me with many questions, and I knew exactly where to direct them.

BeachCon IT & Commentating: About Me


Here is a picture of the three other commentators for the event. They were so much fun to work with. All representing different communities and schools. I learned so much from Anthony on the left, as Anthony was coming from UCSD to support his League of Legends team and build up experience casting.



This setup on the left was a part of the other major tournament at the event hosted by AVGL. Alienware provided a place for the hosts to interview the players, and other members of the event, to make the stream of the event even more personal. I took advantage of this opportunity and connected with many people representing the different brands. I learned so much about partnerships in the academic space.

Tournament Operations

During this time, I was heavily involved in assisting teams get into the matches for their competition. And, I would take some small breaks to learn about the ways the players were working together as a team.

BeachCon IT & Commentating: Services

Everyone was so passionate and hyped to see the competitors. This picture is of the two captains representing their teams from UCI and UCSD, during the pick/ban phase of the grand finals. I had a front row seat for the whole tournament!

BeachCon IT & Commentating: About Me

I am so thankful for the leaders that put on this event and am thankful to have learned how to provide such an experience to my future students.

BeachCon IT & Commentating: Text
BeachCon IT & Commentating: Image
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