About Me

I have been a passionate esports fan since 2007. Back in the dark era, when MLG was excited about hitting 18,000 viewers... times have definitely changed.

I graduated, as a Bob Cole Scholar with a degree, and California teaching credential, in music education, from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at Long Beach State. While I was a student at CSULB, I played and coached for the League of Legends D2 ( JV ) team in 2017 and 2018. I joined the CSULB Esports Club, to not only connect with fellow passionate peers, but to approach the experience to learn about what it takes to operate a functional, and highly competitive, academic esports program. This was to prepare for my time as a teacher, with plans to lead the esports club, for the school, I was going to teach at.

While completing my California teaching credential, I advised and coached for the Woodbridge High School ( Irvine,CA ) Esports Club, where I led students to a fourth-place finish in the Overwatch NASEF 2018 High School Finals and secure playoff positions in the League of Legends NASEF 2019 High School Tournament.

Since that first year as an academic esports program advisor, I have further involved myself with local Irvine, and Orange County, academic esports initiatives, with many prestigious organizations. I seek to broaden my impact on the greater academic esports community by continuing to reach, and lead, academic esports initiatives to success.