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Adam Lopez

Academic Esports Coordinator & Consultant

Fan since 2007.
Pro in 2010.
Studying academic esports every day since 2019.

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Calculated. Engaging. Authentic.

My goal is to help you establish a fully functional, self-sustaining, student-led, academic esports program.


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About Me

I have been an avid gamer since my childhood, and a fan of multiplayer games, when they first reached pop culture status, through Halo 2 on Xbox live, back in the mid 2000's.

I quickly gravitated to playing, strictly, the esports strategy-based games such as Starcraft: Brood War, Counter-Strike 1.6 / Source, and Heroes of Newerth, achieving a top 1% ranking in the MOBA, FPS, and Card Games (Diamond 2, Global Elite, Mythic 300).

I found the most success in World of Warcraft Arenas, competing in Official Blizzard, and ESL tournaments, being one of the few professionally sponsored video gamers, in 2010, at the age of 18....

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